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Profert Fertilizer

About Us 

Profert Fertilizer was first established in 1999 and supplied the South African agricultural market with commodity fertilizer.

The depletion of nutrients in food over the past decades was mainly due to the genetic improvement in cultivated varieties and accordingly Profert Fertilizer has taken at a more sustainable approach in supplying nutrients and trace elements to plants.

It is well documented that the agricultural practices of the past were mainly focused on yield rather than nutritional value (quantity rather than quality). Productivity was expressed in “tonnes per hectare per annum”. Profert Fertilizer has redefined this mantra for itself and its clients to a productivity measure of “nutritional value of food per tonne per hectare per season”.

Profert Fertilizer is currently using three main foundations as building bricks to achieve the aforementioned slogan:

  • adding value to commodity fertilizers by increasing the efficiency of the applied product.
  • supplying clients with specialised products that will enhance the sustainability of crop growth, soil micro-organisms’ activity and soil health in general.
  • promoting conservation agriculture practices by assisting farmers to implement our sustainable programme called Pro-Gro.

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